Kinds of Wholesale Distributors – All You Need to Know

Kinds of Wholesale Distributors – All You Need to Know

Kinds Of Wholesale Distributors

Have you ever wondered what kind of wholesalers exists?

Second question: why do they differ?

So, a while ago, we discussed how to source wholesale merchandise for Amazon and eBay.

In this topic, we are going to cover:

  • why it’s great to know about the differences
  • the different types of wholesalers that exist
  • and why buying and selling liquidation wholesale in the UK is the most profitable option

Now, let’s jump quickly to:

Why it’s great to know the differences?

As it’s going to come clear to you in a matter of seconds as you read, different wholesales have different forms.


Because of the number of products, volume of business, or perhaps services that they are dealing with.

So, it’s good to remember that if a company is large enough, it can operate through various distribution channels, meaning they can use more or maybe fewer wholesalers/distributors

Therefore this leads us to the next logical thing:

  • are there any differences between territories?

Yes, there are! For example, distribution in the USA might be extremely different from the one in the UK or China.

This is why we always advise you to make proper research before you start buying anything, especially if you are new to this business.

So, operational decisions in your business like these:

  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Collecting information about the market & wholesaler
  • What’s trending

Are always essential to consider when growing it.

Let’s get to the point with our first type

Merchant Wholesalers

Among the business of wholesale merchandise, these are very common. They are known to buy directly in bulk quantities from a company, store the product, and then sell it to the end customer.

They also take the risk of selling the product and the way they achieve that. They are not restricted to selling online only or to retail only

Specific Product Wholesalers

Manufacturers tend to work with those types of wholesalers because they usually produce only 1 product type — for example, computers or maybe footwear.

So, wholesalers may work with or supply several brands, but in the same product category.

They choose a specific product type or industry, they have a good knowledge of it, and they stick with it. It’s what keeps the money coming.

General Wholesalers

For that type of wholesaler, everything is about diversity.

They like to buy large quantities of different products.

The other key element is that they buy from – various industries, different categories, etc.

But whey do they do that?

It’s because they want to hit different customer types.

A perfect example of a General wholesaler is Eurotronics.

Full-service Wholesalers

The best way to explain those is through an example.

Imagine that the company Tesla wants to expand in another region, for example, A.

The problem is they don’t have offices in that region A.

So, what they do is designate a distributor to region A.

This distributor is now responsible for the brand Telsa in terms of sales, promotions, and so on.

As a result, the full-service wholesaler might offer not only sales but also different services of the company.

Liquidation Wholesalers. Why buying and selling liquidation wholesale in the UK is the most profitable option?

Now comes the best part

And that’s not an exaggeration.

When you sum all this up, what do you see?

Large quantities, manufacturers. Brands.

Do you have the budget?

Yes, and here is how: with liquidated stock.

When you deal with liquidation wholesale, this type of wholesaler supplies you with liquidated inventory, which comes at a price that you can’t find anywhere

The price of liquidated goods is usally low with top quality wholesale merchandise.

And that’s just one side of the story…

Because if you want to make a tremendous profit margin each month, make sure to visit our products here.

It doesn’t matter if you are new, or you just started with wholesale

We are here for you!


“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

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Author: Bobby Ilchov

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