What products to sell on Amazon in 2020

What products to sell on Amazon in 2020

According to Investopedia’s article, we can all agree that Amazon is the leading platform when it comes to taking market share away from competitors.

Another example is Forbes, telling us that Amazon surpassed Walmart as the biggest retailer on the planet for 2019.

What does that mean for you?

It means it’s all about the numbers game. And Amazon knows how to do business when it comes to wholesalers and wholesale lots.


Do you want someone that can help you out with buying wholesale that you can sell on Amazon?

Read on, and we can show you how!

Know the DIY trend.

It’s essential to know what’s trending and what’s not.

Meaning, you need to always go for in-depth research on the market.

And of course, the current situation as of now in 2020.

For example, it’s a must-check if the closeout deal you are looking for is worth it.


Because it might be a stock that is not selling well, or because someone is closing because of relocation, or over-ordering…

…or bankruptcy.

Simply put:

There is a stock that is selling and the one that does not.

For some wholesalers, this is terrible news, for others – the right time to sell on Amazon and take advantage.

And here goes a list…

…where you can see several valuable products with which you can make a profit.

⦁ PC hardware.

PC lots have always been a thing.

With the current situation, and everybody staying home, it’s best to invest and make a killing with PC hardware.

Think of all the lads out there that want to play video games, plus want a fast computer.

And upgrade the existing one.

Or perhaps someone that wants to start as a streamer? Why not sell them the best out there?

Maybe parents that want to surprise their children?

And lets not forget about those who work from home.

Nonetheless, you will satisfy the customer’s needs, and at the end – yours.

⦁ Take care of their beauty, health and home.

This is an industry that never sleeps.

People need to take care of themselves.

Especially now.

As you know, beauty salons are currently being closed, and the demand for
cosmetics, beauty products will go higher.

Go and check a wholesaler near you for skincare and toiletries to bath products and make-up.

Also think about another factor: summer is near.

Lots of people are taking care of their gardens.

Why not check for some outdoor wall lights or pathway lighting products?

You can’t go wrong with these.

⦁ Go out with style, get a watch lot.

Summer is meant for adventure.

And as it’s coming near, every adventure needs a reliable and robust watch.

No matter if people want to use them for hiking, camping, or roam around their local town or city…

…watches are the perfect missing link to suit people’s comfortable summer attire.

⦁ Wholesale liquidation

Buying wholesale liquidation products at a discount is the perfect way to keep your business growing.

Or if you are new, buying liquidation goods at bargain-basement prices that you can resell for a profit is also an opportunity.

There are lots of businesses that are looking to cash out and unload inventory.

Go and check BritDeals – an innovative and fast-developing online liquidation and surplus-inventory B2B platform.

You can also check 888lots if you are thinking of buying from abroad.

⦁ Amazon Return pallets

Amazon return pallets are an excellent opportunity to make a profit.

One of the best ways to buy Amazon return pallets is through liquidation platforms.

Platforms like BritDeals provides those pallets in all sorts of conditions.

And if you are wondering:
Aren’t those goods associated with scrap, broken goods and used merchendise?

The answer is: No.

And platforms such as BritDeals is a company that looks after what they get.
You can use that to your advantage to boost your potential profit margin.

Author: Bobby Ilchov

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