What products to sell on eBay in 2020: The definitive guide

What products to sell on eBay in 2020: The definitive guide

So, you’re here because you want to know about eBay’s bestsellers, right?

What’s hot, and what’s not?

After our first article, where we help you out where to find wholesalers and which is the right one to choose…

…here’s everything you need to know about: What wholesale products to sell on eBay in 2020.

How to decide what items to sell?

You cannot just buy wholesale products based on five sales a month, for example.

Or gut feeling.

You need to have an in-depth analysis!

Simply put, you need to think about:

⦁ your profit
⦁ shipping costs
⦁ who are your competitors (and how you can be better than them)
⦁ optimize your listing
⦁ and many more.

Bear in mind that if you buy the wrong wholesale product, you will lose money.

Because you are not buying one product.
You’re going to buy in bulk – ten to fifty units, a hundred units, a thousand units…
The bigger you become, the more products you will hold in your stock.
And the more inventory you will have.

You need to know where you stand.

First off, let’s agree on something: in this guide, you are not going to see specific products.

Instead, your focus will drop on different categories.

You’re probably wondering why?

It’s because of the trend and conducting proper research.

Finding the right wholesale suppliers can be difficult.

This is why you need to know where you stand.

Two starting points:

The first one is: are you someone that doesn’t know what to sell?


Perhaps you have the budget or the experience with dropshipping… and you want to go to the next level.

The second one is: you already know what to sell. Maybe, you’re a brand owner.

Truth is:

You’re here because you are:

Looking for product ideas and how to profit.

Electronics & Appliances

Everything from computer components & parts can bring you a profit.

And it is always trending:

computers, laptops & hardware wholesale lots.

Right now, almost everybody is working from home, and some are gaming.

It’s the best time to buy some PC lots. Full of gaming hardware, of course!

There are wholesale lots with brand new merchandise.

There is also a refurbished one too. Uninspected and customer returns.

The last ones are usually cheaper.

There is a small risk, however.

But in the end, the profit is always assured.

We have items manifest what is inside the lot.

We offer a wide variety of them. You can check out our PC lots here and ask us about the goods.


You probably know that Casio, SEIKO, and Swatch are among the most popular watch brands.

According to this site here, wristwatches are the second-best item to sell on eBay this year.

People are always looking for watches – it’s a must-have accessory, especially for guys.

Again – you can check our watch lots by clicking here.

Personal Care, Health & Beauty

Let’s say it once and for all: this is a never-ending story.

The health and beauty industry in the UK is enormous. It’s worth more than £17 billion.

The wholesale products here are a lot – from skincare & toiletries to make-up and & bath products – making it so the industry can thrive even during a recession!

And we have a lot to offer! Make sure to check our vitamins and personal care items for your health and hygiene here.

Fashion & Clothing

On-trend fashion products such as:
⦁ jeans
⦁ shorts
⦁ dresses
⦁ handbags and shoes…

can give you a swift return on investment.

But fair warning: you need to be very careful here.

Why may you ask?

Because there are specific requirements from the manufacturers.

Like, to prove that the merchandise is original.

Another factor is the size – for clothes and shoes.

There might be a lot of returns if it isn’t the right size, which can cause you headaches

Liquidation stock

There are websites for such stock like BritDeals – an innovative and fast-developing online liquidation and surplus-inventory B2B platform.

You should also check 888lots if you want to buy from abroad – they offer brand new wholesale and liquidation lots.

But you need to keep your eyes open.

Example: If a store around your home is closing down, you should try to buy the stock for the best price.

Just calculate: can you make a profit or not?

Amazon return pallets

Wondering what is that?

In essence, it’s all the returns that come back to Amazon. It’s a new product with a damaged box.

But this will be covered in the next articles to come.

Facebook groups

Social media is a great way to make things faster, check more offers, and speak directly with wholesalers like yourself.

Or even manufacturers.

For the UK, you should join this Facebook group – Wholesale UK.

Offers are flying!

Author: Bobby Ilchov

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