Brand New Merchandise

Brand New Merchandise
Your best place for liquidated merchandise.

We offer you more than 100,000 brand new products and good quality refurbished items sorted in more than 30 categories suitable for any merchant and marketplace. BritDeals offers a huge selection of brand-new stock and Lots added on a daily basis.

We sort all products that we receive, categorize and group them into Lots or as Individual Items listed in our site in order to make your purchasing easy and intuitive. Also, all of our brand-new stocks are double-checked and in perfect condition for shelf them in your store or listing them on your website.

But that is not all – you can buy the Lot that you are interested in the most without any actions and waiting.

Furthermore, our innovative platform gives you the opportunity to pick individual items you like and group them into a Lot by yourself. Isn't that cool! And after you make your Lot you can negotiate the final price with your sales team? Is there anything more amazing than this!

All of our items are sorted and grouped in categories and subcategories and useful items groups like Pound store, Hot Deals, Individual items, Recent Price Drop items. This way you can find the products you need without wasting any additional time.

In addition, BritDeals keeps you informed about our latest arrivals, deals and Lots of the day. It works on the system First In – First out, so don’t miss something awesome. Just go for it – become a member of BritDeals. don’t miss something awesome.

Negotiable Prices

Negotiable Prices
You can negotiate every price on every Item or Lot!

We know that you are a merchant and you wish to minimize your cost and increase your profit. You can to the right place – we are giving you the option to negotiate all prices on the Items and Lots listed in our platform? Is there a better wholesale deal than ours?

Here is how this works:

  • Select Lot/Item from our Inventory list.
  • Click Negotiate the price.
  • EEnter the price you are willing to pay.
  • Press Send My Offer.

After you send us an offer, a member of our sales executives will review your offer and contact you back in a timely manner. If your offer is resolvable you will be notified that it is approved. If your offer gets rejected we will make a counteroffer that you can accept or reject.

Our negotiator tool – the best profit boost tool. Use it wisely.

Rich Manifest Data

Rich Manifest Data
Make better buying decisions based on our smart tools and the information they provide.

Let our smart tools and the data they provide the help you make the best buying decisions!

Each lot comes with detailed product information, such as Sales rank, Reviews rank, Descriptions, Prices, Discounts, Condition, Pictures, Additional links, Price history, etc., regarding each product included in the lot.

Once you create a BritDeals account, you will be able to freely browse all available merchandise. You will also have a sales representative assigned to you who will be there to answer all your questions.

Also, don’ forget to subscribe to our mailing list if you want to receive emails that will keep you up to date with our best deals, latest product arrivals, and recent price drops.

Thanks to our innovative platform, you will be able to customize your profile the way you want! You will be able to control your email notifications, negotiate the price of any lot you would like to purchase and calculate your potential profit by using our amazing FB8 calculator!