Reservation Policy

In order to make your shopping easier when you add something to your shopping cart we book the inventory for you.

The reservation times are as follows:

Individual Items

Newest arrivals: ---
Five pence store: ---
Pound store items: ---
Five Pound store: 60 minutes
Promo items: 30 minutes
Regular items: 360 minutes


Five pence store lots: ---
Pound store lots: ---
Five Pound store lots: 10 minutes
Fixed price lots: 8 minutes
Regular lots: 60 minutes

When the reservation time expires (or you remove the item from your cart) there is a buffer time of 10 minutes. Within this time period you can keep the inventory in your cart but it will not be booked for you. This rule has been added to give a chance to the other customers to purchase the inventory.

In order to make your shopping as fair as possible, the booking times can be changed in future.
If we change these values you will find the new ones at this page.

*Note that if you try to take advantage of these rules at someone else's expense, your reservation permissions will be disabled.